Khujali- Hindi Short Film starring Jackie Shroff & Neena Gupta

Cast & Crew
Writer and Director: Sonam Nair
Producer: Chintan Ruparel, Anuj Gosalia
DOP: Siddharth Vasani
Editor: Yashashwini Y P
Music: Somesh Saha
Singer: Garima Yagnik
Cast: Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta, Rani Patwar, Archak Chhabra

Hindi SHort Film Khujali featuring Jackie Shroff & Neena Gupta

Neena Gupta, who has featured in a few parallel movies and TV programs, and Hindi motion picture star Jackie Shroff make a fine match in Sonam Nair's Khujli. The short film, delivered by Terribly Tiny Talkies, starts with a tingle in the lower neck district and moves to an inside and out various sensation in another piece of the body. The interestingly named Girdharilal (Shroff) finds a couple of hot-pick cuffs in his child's room. He supposes he recognizes what they are really going after, it is left to his significant other Roopmati (Gupta), who has eaten up Fifty Shades of Gray, to clarify the better purposes of BDSM. Roopmati urges Girdharilal to channel his internal Christian Gray, prompting a comic run around the room. 
The on-screen characters turn out superbly casual exhibitions, and appear to be absolutely at home with the possibility of unusual sex. More odd still is the recommendation by Nair, who has already coordinated the transitioning show Gippi, that rape veils consensual conduct. More quick witted than the line that recommends that Basanti and Gabbar from the motion picture Sholay were really playacting sadomasochistic propensities is Girdharilal's danger that he will thrash his significant other in 50 shades of each shading with a spoon. Roopmati looks delighted: this is one tingle she is cheerful to scratch.

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