Fearless- Hindi Short Film directed by Nishanti Evani

Cast & Crew:
Director: Nishanti Evani
Music / Sound: Arijit Datta / Rupali Surve
Editor: Samir Shaikh
Cinematographer: Rejeesh Narayanan
Actor: Shanti, Pramod Sanghi, Abhishek Srivastava

Hindi Short Film- Fearless

Fearless is a vital film about how pre-concieved ideas twist your impression of a circumstance. The mankind of a man is siphoned away and they progress toward becoming mirrors for your apprehensions, anger and disappointment of sympathy. 
A picture taker, upper-white collar class and instructed, is caught in a little space with a man who tries to secure her when an uproar begins. She starts to scrutinize the man's thought processes. What's more, when a little mis-correspondence starts up, she starts to fear for her life and occasions take a more savage turn. 
There is an exceptionally fascinating minute in the film, when the clamoring zone the ladies ends up in is all of a sudden betrayed and calm after a mob begins. The picture taker and her defender surge far from the clamor of the inconspicuous frenzy, until the point that they wind up in a little can. Gradually you understand that the ladies carried the outside in with her. The throwing of the film is great. Shaanti, has her impact to flawlessness and Pramod Sanghi makes a splendid showing with regards to of speaking to the underrepresented, and conveying various shades to the character of the male hero. 
Delivered by Rockstar Studios, the film is an extremely sincere and fair, and merits the most extensive group of onlookers conceivable.

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